Can You Shave A Chinchilla? [Plus Pics]

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  • Yes, you can shave a chinchilla- the question is whether you need to and whether you should have a professional do it
  • Chins have highly sensitive skin and you’ll risk cutting and scaring them during the process
  • Common reasons for shaving include vet treatment, matting (though this can usually be worked out with a metal comb, dealing with infections, and removing foreign objects

Many people ask this question when their pet chinchilla has too much hair or goes through a molting stage.

It can be a great idea to shave a chinchilla in some situations, but shaving your Chinchilla at other times might do more harm than good.

What a shaved chinchilla looks like

thanks, I hate hairless chinchillas. from TIHI

A Chinchilla’s coat is already very thin and sensitive; shaving a chinchilla could make the coat too thin and cause problems. The best thing for shaving your Chinchilla is never to do it.

Shaving a chinchilla

Shaving a chinchilla

However, there are situations where you don’t have an option but shave your Chinchilla, and below are those instances:

Your Chinchilla has too much hair or is going through a molting stage

If your Chinchilla is going through a molting stage, it might be the best time to shave them, so you don’t have to clean up all their extra fur.

On the other hand, if your Chinchilla has too much hair and it’s hindering their movement and health, you should also consider shaving them. But it’s not always best to shave your Chinchilla, but there are times when you have no other option, and this is one of the instances.

Your Chinchillas skin has ringworm disease or red mange

Ringworm Disease and Mange are two nasty skin diseases that affect Chinchillas. When a chinchilla has either of these two diseases, the only way to stop it from spreading is to shave your chin’s body and bath him in medicated shampoo regularly until he’s cured.

Your Chinchilla is sick or injured

Injuries can sometimes result in a sensitive spot on the chin that you need to shave for. When your Chinchilla has either a wound or surgical incision, it’s best to keep the area shaved until it’s fully healed. It’s a good idea to monitor Chinchilla poop to keep tabs on their health.

Your Chinchilla is having babies

If your female Chinchilla’s fur gets too thick during pregnancy, it’s best to shave the Chinchilla down so she can have her babies without any discomfort. Just be sure not to shave her vocal sacks like some people do because that could lead to nursing and noise issues after she gives birth (and yes, its voice would change for good).

How to shave your Chinchilla (step by step guide)

How to shave your Chinchilla

Step-1: Materials

you will need:

  • 1/4 clipper (40 or higher)
  • Blending combs (first one -2″) second one-” and third one-” )
  • 5 Finishing combs (7mm, 5/8″, 3/4″, 1″, 1.2″)
  • Hair conditioner (the cheapest one you can find, Chinchilla doesn’t like expensive ones because it makes their skin dry)
  • Brush (the brush should be very soft and used for brushing hair, not nails. no wood!)
  • Hair scissors

Step-2: Preparing the chin

Before shaving your Chinchilla, make sure you brush the Chinchilla to remove any tangles, mats, or knots. It would help to trim your Chinchilla’s nails so they won’t scratch you as much and wear a mask to prevent inhaling all those chinchilla hair particles.

The next step is to use a very soft brush to brush their hair only, not nails. Don’t use the brush with scratching nails because that could hurt your chin, and it can also damage the brush’s bristles.

While brushing, gently remove any tangles, mats, or knots using a soft bristle slicker brush. Then comb through their hair to look for any more tangles you might have missed on your first try.

If there are any tangles left, do not pull them out because they can cause hair loss and damaged coats, which lead to bald patches.

Step-3: Putting conditioner on your chin

There are two types of shavers. One is a clipper with a special attachment used for shaving the face area. The other one is a body shaver usually used for the underbelly.

Since we will shave your chin in general and not just their face, we will use a body shaver. Make sure you put some hair conditioner on your Chinchilla, so it isn’t uncomfortable while shaving. Apply enough so there won’t be any razor burns.

Step-4: Using the body shaver

First, get your Chinchilla used to the sound of the shaver, so he doesn’t freak out while you’re trying to shave him. Second, make sure you adjust it according to your Chinchilla’s size, or else you’ll end up shaving them thinner than what you originally planned to.

Third, you will need to start shaving all the tangles and mats on your chin before doing anything else because it could get uncomfortable for them if you try to shave around those areas first.

Fourth, start shaving from their head down by using long strokes as close as possible so there won’t be any gaps between the fur and the skin. Fifth, you will need to use a finishing comb to even out the fur that got shaved off by using shorter strokes as close as possible.

Sixth, make sure you stay away from their eyes and nose area because those parts of the body are very sensitive, and it would hurt them if you cut or poke them. Seventh, don’t shave the fur on their ears and around their eye area because that could lead to soreness. Eighth, make sure you use a very sharp blade to make the shaving process faster and easier.

Step-5: Finishing up

Last but not least, brush off any loose hair or dust using your slicker brush, then repeat the process if needed.

Step-6: Results

Congratulations, you just shaved your Chinchilla! Your chin should look very clean and shiny now.

Make sure you don’t forget to brush them off any dust or loose fur left over after they dry off because that could lead to itchiness. If you notice any cuts or wounds, make sure you use some hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol to sterilize them.


A chinchilla is a small rodent originally from South America and can live up to twenty years old with proper care.

They’re very soft and fine-haired, so grooming them needs special equipment; otherwise, it could damage their hair or skin. Many people think that shaving a chin is inhumane, but it’s not.

It’s important to know that when you shave your chin, it only needs to be done for special occasions like when they get matted or any other reason why they can’t grow their hair out fast enough to avoid pain and discomfort.

All you need is the right equipment and enough knowledge to know what you’re doing before attempting this task. Don’t make shaving your chin a habit because it only needs to be done on special occasions. We hope they didn’t run away from you when you got the buzzer out because chinchillas are fast! And make sure they are extra comfy in their chinchilla cage after the ordeal!

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