What Is A Chinchilla Cat? [Breed Information]

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A Chinchilla cat is a long-haired popular cat breed that is Persian with specific coat color. Its name refers to the cat’s fur.

Breed History

Dating back to 1882 in England, a Chinchilla cat is a man-made breed that a stray tomcat mated with a blue Persian cat, resulting in a smoke-colored kitten. The kitten’s owner then mated her with a silver tabby cat, which gave birth to the first male Chinchilla Persian.

A selectively bred, the first of its kind for its specific color, has emerald green eyes lined with black. The white breed is tipped with black, which will produce a silver shine. The uniqueness in color silver and smoke has not changed much since 1920.

Breed Traits

This type of Persian is considered intelligent, gentle, easygoing, docile, quiet, and adaptive, that likes relaxing and spending time around people.

Although they are very comfortable around people they know, they are shy and nervous when around strangers. They are known to give affection to their human families, and they have a loving character.

They show devotion and loyalty to their favorite people, and they get attached to their owners, and in return, they like getting attention.

They are known to be inactive; therefore, getting exercise and, keeping him happy, getting various types of toys to play with will be essential for him.

They love cuddling and sitting on your lap when they are not playing. Besides being friendly with humans, they also get along with other cats and pets like friendly dogs.

These cats love and prefer peaceful households; therefore, in a family with young children and it’s not quiet, it will therefore not be an excellent choice to have the Chinchilla cat.

Overall Description

Chinchilla cat

The Chinchilla cat’s body features are described as compact, short, round, and sturdy. It has broad shoulders and hips, a thick neck, round and big paws, and an overall body that is heavy-boned and large. It has a bushy tail and short, wide legs. It is not a tall cat but a short fluffy cat due to its fur and body structure.

A round, broad, large head with full cheeks, a firm chin, and a wide jaw. There are more features like the eyes, which are large, expressive, and round; small rounded tipped ears, which are broad. Although they are Persian, their nose is not as short as other Persian cats and can be described as snub with a slight beak.


The Persian or longhair has a separate classification of color from the Chinchilla cat.

As described above, it has luxurious white hair with black or silver tips that give it a silvery coat that sparkles. When they are kittens, they are black with tabby markings that change to a white-colored coat as they grow older.

The long-haired cats have a stout body which the Chinchilla is not characterized by. However, they have round, large blue-green or emerald green eyes lined with brown or black color, and their fair-like appearance makes them very robust.


The primary coat color is pure white; however, its fur has a silver sheen from its black-tipped coat. The ears, tail, head, back, and flanks are tipped with black, which makes it have a sparkling silver effect. The Chinchilla’s fur can also be tipped in blue or gold color.

The brown and black lines in their eyes make the cats look like they have applied eyeliner. Their brick red colored nose and lips also have a brown or black line.

Grooming Requirements

Grooming Requirements

The owner should do Grooming daily, just like with the long-haired cats. They tend to shed hair year-round, especially molt heavily twice a year. Regular grooming of the cat’s long, luxurious, dense coat and undercoat will ensure it is free from tangles and mats. Good maintenance of the fur will ensure no or fewer hairballs and prevent health problems like skin issues.

Failure to properly groom the cat will lead to the cat being clipped all the fur, leading to the regrowing of the coat. Cleaning daily will be required to evade staining. Regular cleaning of the eyes and nose is essential since they tend to run. Constant cleaning is required on the bottom area and tail underside because they are prone to soiling from the feces. Keeping that area clean will avoid the uncomfortable lumps and staining of its fur. Pest control and regular vaccination are essential for all cats and pets.

Daily brushing of the cat’s fur is essential for a few minutes a day, such as five minutes, keeping in mind that it sheds its fur; therefore, spending more time brushing it will make it shade more than required. Grooming of the cat should be done daily for about ten to fifteen minutes a day. Any discharge that will develop on the cat’s eyes, you will require to wipe it with cotton balls or a damp piece of cloth.

Temperament/ Personality

They are known to be quiet and domicile cats. They are suitable for a mature crowd without children who will give them grooming attention and are quiet. They like attention and are very affectionate. They can adjust to new environments, and they have musical voices.

They are not temperamental cats and are affectionate and loving, which is a great personality trait. They are known to be inactive, and they mainly sleep and cuddle. They are extroverted and outgoing, unlike other Persian breed cats.

Nutrition And Feeding

Each cat is unique and has its dislikes, likes, and needs when it comes to food. Cats are known to be carnivores, and they require forty-one different specific nutrients from the food they eat.

The proportion will depend on health, age, lifestyle, and therefore it will not be surprising that an old cat will have a different nutrient balance from a kitten. To maintain the ideal body, you should consider feeding wet or dry food with the correct quantity.

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