Chinchilla Cage Setup: 7+ Tips

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If you are wondering about how to set up your Chincialla cage perfectly, then you are in the right place! (Read more about the best chinchilla cages here.)

When you love your little bundle of joy, you will want to provide the best setup. After all, the Chichilla’s cage will be its home. So you want to give the best home to your precious friend.

You should know the do’s and don’t so that you can set up the best cage.

There is tons of information available online that can help in setting up the cage. You can also ask for some ideas from your vet on the next visit. Also, if there is a previous Chinchilla owner to give you some guidance then it will be great- but we’ve got some great tips to get you sorted if you’re a novice owner:

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7 Tips To Perfect Your Chinchilla Cage Set Up

#1. Enough Space to Jump

Do you know Chinchillas can jump up to 6 feet? Because of this reason, it’s important that you look for a setup that’s spacious enough. The purpose of the extra space is to let your Chinchilla jump high enough.

You want your Chinchilla to roam freely and jump up high! Think about it, if you have less space to move around the house how would you feel. It’s better to think of such things as you want to set up a suitable environment for the Chinchillas at your home.

#2. Glass Water Bottles

When it comes to arranging water for your pet, it’s important that you focus on the glass water bottles. Don’t go for the plastic as it can cause chemical leaching. Also, make sure you leave two glass water bottles for your Chinchilla. The purpose here is an increase in the water intake.

If your Chinchilla ​is not drinking enough water, it won’t be ideal as it can cause kidney stones. Later on, there are chances of other health issues. Water is important not just for you, but also for the Chinchillas which is why it’s better to take effective measures in advance.

#3. Opt for Metal

It’s possible that you may want to prefer plastic over metal, but ideally metal is better. Chinchillas can chew a lot thus, it’s better to consider metal for your precious friend. The wheel has to be metal!

Look for the options available on the market so that you can easily find what exactly you are looking for! It’s possible that you will find a cage that’s less pricey and thus, you may want to get it for your Chinchilla. However, when it comes to setting up, it’s wise to think of long-term benefits.

#4. Find A Durable Food Bowl

You know that your precious friend jumps a lot. When your pet is quite active, it’s time to find a durable food bowl. You can try getting the one that’s heavy and doesn’t fall easily when the animal jumps high.

There are many food bowls that you can easily find. However, when it comes to Chinchillas it’s better to opt for the tried and tested ones. It can save your time plus, you can know what to expect when you are using the food bowl that’s suitable for your pet.

#5. Opt for Horizontal Bars In Cage

It’s a good idea to consider the horizontal cage bars as they can help in attaching a variety of accessories. It’s possible that you may like the vertical ones, but it can be better to use the horizontal ones for the pet.

You can select from the market that you personally like the most for your pet. After all, you have the final say! Taking care of your pet is your responsibility so you have to think of the minor details in order to make the most of it.

#6. Keep An Eye On Temperature And Find Ceramic Hideouts

It’s important that you are providing suitable temperature and living conditions to your pet. When you are setting up the cage for your precious friend, you are providing all the necessities. Try maintaining the temperature below 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

It’s also important to focus on the hideout and for Chinchillas you can opt for ceramic hideouts. The reason for opting for ceramic hideouts is that it’s cooler. Thus, when you are looking for better options, you can go for ceramic hideouts. It’s important for you to know that overheating can be dangerous for the Chinchillas, which is why it’s best to provide an optimal level of temperature to your pet friend. You have to try your best.

#7. Keep An Eye On Your Pet

Your little bundle of joy may hurt itself, which is why it’s important to keep an eye on it at all times. It’s possible that you could be busy and that’s why some people may opt for using cameras that can help. It’s possible that you could be busy studying or cooking food and your pet may harm itself. It’s wise to keep it close, but at times it’s practically impossible to be there 24/7.

You can invest in a camera that falls under your budget. There are different varieties available on the market. You can go through the buyer reviews and guides and see what other pet owners are sharing about their experience. Make sure you do what’s easy for you.

Final Words

You are trying to provide the best living conditions to your wonderful pet. It’s important that you know the do’s and don’t as it will be easy for you to set up a nice and cozy home. Opt for the metal cage as your pet can chew up the cage. Also, make sure you are providing enough water as it’s important for the health of your bundle of joy. Make sure you try your best! You can also use a camera to keep an eye on your pet. You never know if it may hurt itself in your absence.

Good luck in setting up a wonderful cage for your precious pet! Share with us in the comments if you have more ideas to make the cage wonderful for the precious bundle of joy.

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