Chinchilla Eye Infections: Causes & Treatments

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Chinchillas are beautiful! You doubtlessly adore peering into their dewy eyes and it may melt your heart, but have you ever wondered about Chinchillas eye infections? Maybe your pet has one right now…

It’s important to consult the vet when you are not sure about the health condition of your pet. There is tons of information available online, but only your animal doctor will be able to provide the best possible solution.

Now, let’s get back to Chinchillas. Let’s find out more about possible infections:

Possible Eye Related Issues In Chinchillas

Your precious pet can face the following issues:

Infections In Eye

It’s possible that the Chinchilla may get such infections because of excessive bacteria or some other reason. Depending on whether it’s a bacterial infection or a fungal infection, your pet will require the relevant treatment and medications. You can spot discharge from the eyes or they will be red. There could be other symptoms such as the eyes can appear swollen, the Chinchillas might not want to open them, and many more.

Corneal Ulcer

The cornea is an integral part of the eye and when it’s scratched there are chances of corneal ulcer. There are several ways due to which Cornea can be scratched, for example, it can be scratched during a fight with another Chinchilla or simply a hair can scratch it. You may notice your pet’s eyes being red or your pet may want to keep them shut. No matter want, you can notice that your precious bundle of joy is feeling discomfort and thus, it’s time to consult your animal doctor. It’s important that you resolve such issues before it’s too late.


There could be tumors behind the eyes. Thus, they may appear swollen or you can see a bulge in them. It’s important to consult your doctor of animals when you feel there is an issue with the eye of your pet. It’s possible that your animal doctor may recommend an MRI for the pet. Taking care of the Chinchillas is a huge responsibility, it may sound hard too. But the fact is that when you are into it, you will know what to do. You just have to try your best to take care of your precious friend.

There could be eye issues because of the overgrown teeth also! It’s important to check with your animal doctor and rule out the possibility of any underlying concern.

Consult Your Vet

When you spot an eye problem it’s time to consult your vet. Your animal doctor can suggest what’s best to do for your vet. You have to take care of the precious Chinchilla. An animal doctor can guide you better about the treatment.

Possible Treatments for Eye Issues

You may encounter the possible treatments:

  • Your vet may suggest using the eye ointment for your pet. The ointments can be helpful for healing the eyes of Chinchillas.
  • Also, your specialist can suggest an eye exam or a test so that they can know what’s wrong or what’s the main issue.
  • An animal doctor can also suggest using some eye drops.
  • In certain cases, surgery may be required to treat the problem in the eyes of Chinchillas.
  • The vet may suggest teeth extraction if it’s affecting the eyes. In any case, your vet knows what’s best for your pet.
  • Your vet may suggest an MRI if they suspect tumors behind the eyes. It’s important that you follow the instructions of your vet as they know what’s the best possible treatment or solution for your Chinchillas.

Final Words

Violet chinchilla

Chinchillas are your precious bundle of joy. They have lovely eyes, but at times there could be an issue. The wise thing is to treat the eye problem as soon as possible. If you spot an issue, address your concern with the vet before it’s too late. Your vet knows what’s best for your precious friend. Make sure you follow the instructions of your vet. Also, your vet can tell you what’s the best treatment for the eyes and in some instances, tests or MRI could be required. Keep your mind open and hope for the best when it comes to the health of the eyes of Chinchillas.

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