The 5 Best Chinchilla Toys [2022 Buying Guide]

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chinchilla eatingIf you own a chinchilla, then you know that they are fascinating and curious pets. Chinchillas can be a lot of fun, and they can also be very challenging.

One thing that is definitely true – they require supplies to keep them happy and healthy. One of the most important things that your chinchilla will need is a toy to play with.

It’s best to get them something that will provide teeth cleaning as well as some all-important mental stimulation.

Chinchillas are adorable, and their owners always fall in love with them at first sight. Chinchillas live in Andes Mountains in South America, and they live there just like any other nocturnal rodents.

When they are in their natural habitats, they dig burrows and spend time escaping from predators. Their lifestyle evolves when you take them as pets, but that does not mean they stay still.

Our favorite chinchilla toys

Bestseller No. 1
ERKOON 11 Pack Chinchillas Chew Toys, Toys Accessories for Teeth Care, Natural Apple Wood Ladder Bell Roller for Russian Hamster Gerbils Rats Guinea Pigs
  • 【11 Pack Hamster Activity Toys】Hamster activity toys set includes apples wood molar string, apples wood dumbbell, unicycle, bell roller, square molar block, apples wood ladder bridge, 50g apple branch,2* pinecone, seagrass ball, willow rattan ball. Very suitable for small animals molar and relieve tne boredom.
SaleBestseller No. 2
10 Pack Small Animal Combo Apple Wood Activity Toys, Hamsters Chew Toys, Rat Chinchilla Snacks Toys for Pets Organic Natural Accessories
  • 10 Pack: Include Small bell roller, Dumbbell, Unicycle, Water grass ball, Rattan ball, molar block with rope, Apple branch, Molar String, Pine ball,Programming ring.
Bestseller No. 3
Kaytee Perfect Chews for Chinchillas
  • The Perfect Chew for chinchillas includes wood balls, mini wood pears, a wood log and a block in brilliant teal, green and purple colors
Bestseller No. 4
KATUMO Rabbit Chew Toys, DIY Hamster Chew Toys Bunny Teeth Care Molar Toys Ideal for Rabbit, Guinea Pig, Chinchilla, Hamster, Squirrel, Gerbils Etc Small Rodent Pets' Teeth Grinding
  • [Safe Natural Material] - KATUMO Rabbit toys are handmade of 100% natural apple branches, organic timothy hay, loofah and ratton, safe to chew. Through strict dehydration and adequate sun drying, toys with full of natural wood scent, yummy, non-toxic and harmless. Can be a balanced healthy nutrition combination for bunnies, as well as can protect their teeth healthy growth, and play without any worries.
Bestseller No. 5
Kaytee Lava Block Chew Toy,2.5 Inches x 2.5 Inches x 5 Inches
  • Small animal chew toy to satisfy the need to chew and gnaw

As their parent, all the responsibility now falls on you. You have to ensure that their mental and physical well-being has been taken care of and comfortable and healthy. That is why you have to make sure you buy your chins a great toy to play with and for exercise.

The post below will help you figure out the best toys to buy for your Chinchilla and their pros and cons.

We have also listed a buying guide to know the various factors to consider before you buy a toy. Read on to learn more about the best chinchilla toys and any more information on them.

The 5 Best Chinchilla Toys

#1. Emours Small Animal Warmly House Cage for Chinchilla

Chinchillas are prey animals, but as years go by, they have significantly evolved. They can dig burrows where they sleep in and hang out as the burrows help them not feel exposed. Chinchillas may not face any predatory danger while in your home, but they are still wired to find a good spot to sleep and hang out. Therefore, getting them the Emours house cage will help them feel like they are home. It resembles a loaf of bread and is very luxurious and soft. This house cage is 10 by8 inches wide and is spacious enough for your little Chinchilla. It is made from flannelette fabric which makes the house even more comfortable.

Your Chinchilla will have a great time sleeping and hanging out in this crib as it resembles their natural habitat. The only disadvantage you will have with this soft crib is that you have to wash it often. Chinchillas poop a lot, and if you don’t often clean the crib, it will end up smelling. This product is rated first because it is very comfortable. You may buy your chinchillas lots of toys, but it will all be for nothing if they are uncomfortable.


  • Comfortable and soft material
  • Excellent hiding and playing spot
  • Removable bedding
  • Easy to maintain


  • Needs regular washing and maintenance

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#2. Pawliss 1.75-inch Hamster Chew Toys

Just like any rodent, the Chinchilla’s front incisors never stop growing all through their life. That is why chins need to constantly gnaw on something so that they can trim their incisors. If they don’t have something to chew on, they will start developing dental issues, putting them in a great deal of pain. The Pawliss chew toys are specially made for animals like chins to have something to chew on. These chew toys not only keep the chins teeth healthy and trim, but they also help them avoid grinding their teeth on the cage they sleep in. each block is two inches wide, and they come six in each cube.

What makes this chew toy better than others is because it can last a very long time. They are also very cost-efficient so that you won’t feel any dent in your wallet. One thing you have to be very careful about is when you are unpacking them. If you unpack them with too much force, the blocks can crumble, preventing the chinchillas from chewing on them. Therefore, be careful when opening them, and your Chinchilla will be a happy animal for a while.


  • Prevents against cage wall grinding
  • Great chewing toy
  • Very Affordable
  • Lasts a while


  • Can crumble if not well opened

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#3. Sharllen Apple Sticks Pet Chew Toys

Another chew toy that is great for your Chinchilla is the apple sticks chew toy. This chew toy is one of the best because it is organic and does not contain any coloring. That means it is safe to eat and won’t harm your pet in any way. They have an apple smell, and their effects are even better than ordinary sticks. It helps the chin grind their teeth on it, and they will like it a lot. Each stick is individually packed, and it is also moisture-proof. That helps minimize the damage and makes the general design even more intimate. The sticks also have a sweet taste, and no pesticides have been used on them. They help ensure the healthy growth of your pet’s teeth to avoid any dental issues.

A lot of pet owners love these apple sticks because they are one hundred percent natural. They are also made with high-quality branches, and you will not find any dumb mildew on them. The sticks can also be stored for a long time, and they will remain sweet and fresh. They provide comprehensive nutrition for your pets and are rich in crude fiber and xylitol. The stick is tough, and that makes it perfect for grinding on.


  • Rich in crude fiber and xylitol
  • 100% Organic Apple Wood
  • Pure Natural Apple Sticks
  • Safe and Assured
  • Pure Hand-Made
  • Easy To Save


  • Lots of wastage

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#4. Kaytee Chew & Treat Toy Assortment for Guinea Pigs (5 Pack)

If you own a chinchilla, then you have to get it a Kaytee chew and treat toy. It has an assortment of crunchy textures that help your pet clean its teeth and trim its incisors. The pack has five chew toys that have been pre-packed and resized to be perfect for your pet. This toy is a must-buy because it will help keep your chin happy and also help it get some exercise. What is even better is that the chin will have healthy teeth. When a chinchilla does not have anywhere to gnaw its incisors, it can become excruciating and cause many dental issues.

Different pets, not only chinchillas, love this chew toy because it has different textures. That makes it easy for them to clean their teeth and also to trim their incisors. Rodents need to trim their incisors because they constantly. Rodent incisors grow throughout their lives and are not well taken care of, becoming very painful.


  • It helps trim and clean their teeth
  • Crunchy texture combination
  • Specifically Pre-packed
  • Five chew toys


  • Low quality

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#5. Kaytee Chinchilla Hut Hideout – 100079175

As we all know, a hideout is very important for a chinchilla as they need it for rest and use it as a nest. The Kaytee Chinchilla hut hideout is a toy that can provide your Chinchilla with a secure place to hide out, feel safe, and get a rest. You also have the choice to decide the style that will perfectly fit your pet as they come in different materials and sizes. That way, you can choose a hideout that you think your pet will love best. There are plastic and wooden hideouts. The plastic hideout is constructed from very durable plastic, and they include tree trunks and the tree of life hideouts.

If you buy the wooden hideout, then it is likely that your Chinchilla will gnaw on it. After it has been significantly gnawed on, it is advisable to replace it with another one. Also, make sure that the pet does not stay in the hideout all the time. Make sure it gets plenty of play outside so that it can remain healthy. This hideout is a must-buy because it encourages nesting instincts and natural chewing. It is made from natural pine, so it is safe, and the Chinchilla can chew on it without a problem.


  • Encourages nesting instincts
  • Great area to rest and hide
  • For different types of pets
  • Natural pine wood
  • Safe to chew on


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Best chinchilla toys buying guide

Getting a suitable toy for your Chinchilla is not such an easy job. Chinchillas are different, and what one likes the other might not. It is tough if it is your first time and you have no idea where to start. We are going to discuss some tips to help you ensure that you make the right decision.

Avoid Cheap Stuff

Cheap does not only reflect on the price but also the quality. Chins can gnaw on almost anything, so you have to ensure that you get something that won’t harm their teeth. A cheaply made toy is likely not to be made with natural products, harming their health. Go for a quality toy that has been made from natural products, and if organic, then the better. That is why you have to look at the information before you buy the toy.

Consider the purpose of the toy.

Why are you purchasing the toy? This is a question you have to ask yourself before you buy the toy. It will help you get a suitable toy, and one the chin will be happy to play with. If you want a toy to keep them in shape, then a spinner wheel will work best. If you want one to help keep their teeth healthy, then go for chew toys.


It is effortless for a chinchilla to get injured because they have a very delicate nature. Therefore, make sure that the toy you buy does not have a high risk of injury. If you are purchasing a spinner wheel, avoid the ones that have horizontal spokes and go for the ones with an even surface. That way, your Chinchilla will not get its legs trapped in the spokes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a dust bath a chinchilla toy?

Most people don’t think dust baths are toys, but most chinchillas are more excited about dust baths more than the other toys. It is easy to make a dust bath, and you can even make it at home by using specially made dust and a large bowl. Dust baths help keep the Chinchilla’s coat healthy and also help them have fun. It would help if you only allowed a dust bath a few times a week.

Why are chew toys important for chinchillas?

Chew toys are essential for chinchillas because they help trim their teeth. Chinchillas, like other rodents, have teeth that continuously grow throughout their lives. Chew toys help clean their teeth and also help to trim them. Failure to do so can lead to bad dental health and a lot of pain. Make sure to choose to chew organic toys, like wood from apple, pine, or even willow.

Should I buy my Chinchilla an outside cage toy?

Chinchillas love exploration, and they like being allowed out of their cages. It provides them with exercising opportunities for their mind and body. For chinchillas, mental stimulation is also as important as physical stimulation, so toys are essential out of the cage. However, playtime outside the cage can be very dangerous as chinchillas are very curious. Because of their natural curiosity, make sure that if you let them out of their cage, they are into a place that is well-proofed. That way, there will be no cords or wires that they can get stuck in or vents they can go through.


A chinchilla is very intelligent, but it can also be a handful. It is very curious by nature, and that is why they need mental and physical stimulation. Therefore, you need to get your Chinchilla various toys so that they can feel safe, exercise, and keep themselves busy. Make sure to get enough chew toys of different textures so that they can trim and keep their teeth clean and healthy. The above article has discussed the best chinchilla toys in length, and we believe you have all the information you need to buy the perfect toy. All the best as you get your Chinchilla a great toy.

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Hi, my name’s Elena Coolidge, and this is my site. Chinchillas are so cute and such intelligent animals that make great pets. They’ve become the subject of fascination for many animal lovers who enjoy their antics. I blog about their care, where to buy them, breeders, and more. Shoot me an email if you have a question!

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