Chinchilla Diapers: What You Need To Know + Pics

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When they are let out of their cage, chinchillas can be a real menace- especially if they decide to defecate in your living room!

Over on Reddit, one user posted a picture of their chinchilla in an extra small dog diaper:

Anyone else put diapers on their chinchilla? I wish they didn’t poop so much. 😂 I got xs dog diapers and they work well but sometimes he’ll stick his leg in and kick it right off….. from chinchilla

Redditors were split on whether this was a good idea to do. Some said that it caused unnecessary stress, while others thought it was harmless.

Check out this chinchilla in a diaper and some rabbits down below- quite a scene. Obviously not chinchillas, but gives you some inspiration if you want to try it out.

Before you have brought a chinchilla to your home, you are first supposed to do thorough research and find out how they behave and how to tackle their unwanted behaviors. To keep your house clean and neat while having these pets has been made easier by DIY diapers for the chinchillas- but they’re really not recommended.

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