Chinchilla Supplies

Chinchillas are a small rodent native to South America. These furry little creatures are known for their soft, thick fur, which is highly prized by the fashion industry. Chinchillas are also popular pets, and as such, there is a large market for chinchilla supplies. There are a few things that every chinchilla owner needs in order to keep their pet healthy and happy.

Essential chinchilla supplies

Chinchilla Cage

First and foremost, chinchillas need a large cage with plenty of room to run and play. The cage should be made of wire or metal so that the chinchilla can’t chew through it. The bottom of the cage should be lined with a soft material like fleece or towels to keep the chinchilla’s feet from getting sore. Check out the best chinchilla cages.

Dust Bath

Chinchillas also need a dust bath in order to keep their fur clean and healthy. A special chinchilla dust is available at most pet stores. The dust bath should be large enough for the chinchilla to roll around in and deep enough that the chinchilla is completely covered in dust. Check out the best chinchilla dust.


Chinchillas need a diet of hay, pellets, and fresh vegetables. Hay is the mainstay of their diet and should be available at all times. Pellets are a concentrated source of nutrients and should be given in small amounts. Fresh vegetables should be given daily as a treat. Chinchillas also need access to clean water at all times. Check out the best chinchilla food.

Exercise Wheel

Chinchillas are very active creatures and need plenty of exercise. An exercise wheel is a great way to give your chinchilla the opportunity to run and play. The wheel should be made of metal or another sturdy material so that the chinchilla can’t chew through it. Check out the best chinchilla exercise wheels.


Chinchillas love to play, and so it’s important to have a few toys in their cage for them to play with. Chew toys are also important, as chinchillas like to chew on things (including wires!) to keep their teeth filed down. Check out some of the best chinchilla toys.

Water Bottle

As with any pet, chinchillas need access to fresh water at all times. A water bottle attached to the side of the cage is the best way to provide this. The bottle should have a small opening that the chinchilla can drink from without getting wet.

Food Bowl

Chinchillas also need a food bowl for their dry food. The bowl should be made of a heavy material like ceramic or metal so that the chinchilla can’t tip it over.

Hay Rack

A hay rack is a great way to keep fresh hay available for your chinchilla. Hay is an important part of a chinchilla’s diet and should be available at all times.


Chinchillas love treats, and there are a variety of healthy options available at pet stores. Be sure to choose treats that are specifically made for chinchillas as some human foods can be harmful to them.

These are just a few of the essential supplies that every chinchilla owner needs. By providing your chinchilla with these things, you can be sure that your pet will have everything it needs to be happy and healthy.

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