The 5+ Best Chinchilla Dust [2023 Guide]

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Chinchillas, just like any other household pets, do get dirty. This can predispose them to all manner of hygiene-related diseases. To guarantee the proper health of the chinchillas, you need to find a way of helping them get clean.

chinchilla taking a dust bath

They need a chinchilla dust bath to get them all spiffy and clean!  This is a special kind of cleaning resource that negates the use of water.

Our favorite chinchilla dust (quick summary)

Bestseller No. 1
Bestseller No. 2
Lixit Chinchilla Dust (3 Pound)
  • THE PERFECT DUST: Chinchillas naturally bath in dust to keep their fur clean. Lixit Blue Beauty is the perfect completely natural dust for chinchillas and other small Animals. Its coats each hair and removes moisture oils and odors.
Bestseller No. 4
BRYTIN Chinchilla Dust Bath - 2.5 lb - All Natural - Ideal for Show Competition or Everyday Use
  • Taking a dust bath is mentally enriching and physically important for chinchillas. It is one of their favorite activities, and is entertaining to watch.
Bestseller No. 5
Chinchilla Bath Dust, 6 lb. Tub, All Natural Dusting Powder for Cleaning Degus, Hamsters, & Gerbils, Pure Cleansing Pumice Sand by Billy Buckskin Co.
  • THE PERFECT DUST: Chinchillas naturally bath in dust to keep their fur clean. The Billy Buckskin Company has the perfect completely natural dust for chinchillas and other small Animals. Its coats each hair and removes moisture oils and odors

Chinchillas need dust baths to keep their fur clean and healthy. They will take dust baths on their own if given the opportunity, but you can also help them out by providing a dust bath area.

You can use a shallow dish or tray filled with chinchilla dust, or you can buy a special dust bath container made for chinchillas.

The 5 Best Chinchilla Dusts

#1: Kaytee 100033514 Chinchilla Dust, 2.5 Lbs

This dust has potent penetrative ingredients that get to the core of the skin to eliminate all oils and other debris that may be stuck within the pores. Nonetheless, it is gentle enough not to leave behind permanent scars or interfere with the tone or quality of the skin.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

All-natural dusting powder

For all practical purposes, the item comprises only natural dusting powder. None of its ingredients are drawn from harsh chemicals or any other artificial sources. You should thus expect it to be calm and gentle on the skin of your bunny. The same goes for repeated or prolonged use thereof.

Natural volcanic mineral

Also forming a vital part and parcel of the formulation of the dust is the set of natural volcanic minerals. Of these, the Aluminum silicate stands out. Its role is mainly to scour the surfaces of the skin to make the same sparkle to the natural eyes.


Overall, all the minerals and the ingredients that make the formulation are pretty high in quality. On the strength of this high quality, the ingredients last longer while also maintain their high potency for a pretty long time. Need we add that they give off their effects for long as well?


  • Its formulation comprises only natural ingredients
  • Lasts a fairly long length of time
  • Eliminates all oils that may be trapped within the pores
  • Leaves the skin sparkly and healthy
  • Negates the input of excess effort on your part


  • Limited to the chinchilla breed alone

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#2: Lixit Chinchilla Dust

Bestseller No. 1
Lixit Chinchilla Dust (3 Pound)
  • THE PERFECT DUST: Chinchillas naturally bath in dust to keep their fur clean. Lixit Blue Beauty is the perfect completely natural dust for chinchillas and other small Animals. Its coats each hair and removes moisture oils and odors.

Have any other breed besides the chinchillas to take care of? We are glad to draw your attention to this specific dust. It may be used on the hamsters, degus, and gerbils besides the chinchillas. That is not to highlight the fact that it does a truly awesome job when deployed on the skin.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

100% natural dust

It is wholly derived from the natural dust and is as such truly safer and gentle on the skin of the rabbits. The dust is mined from the sustainable source that is the Blue Cloud Mine in Southern California. Thanks to its natural aspect, the product is safer and eco-friendly in the same measure.

Very fine aluminum silicate powder

In its entirety, the product comes about in some fine and smooth particles that are a lot easier to spread out within the strands of the fur. The fine texture is due to its lack of glass, limestone, or sand. Moreover, it shakes off completely from the fur without too much effort on the part of the rabbit.

Blue beauty dust

Other than merely getting out the dust and dirt particles, the product also goes ahead to imbue some beauty and décor to the skin of the rabbit. This is largely brought about by the existing blue beauty dust particles that the product comes about in.


  • Useful for many animals besides the chinchillas
  • Imbues some beauty over and above merely grooming the rabbit
  • Comprises solely natural ingredients that are safe and eco-friendly
  • Shakes off easily and simply from the surfaces of the rabbits
  • Leaves your chinchillas looking gorgeous and breathtaking


  • Comes at an elevated cost of acquisition

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#3: Oxbow Animal Health POOF! Chinchilla Dust Bath, 2.5 Pound Jar

Bestseller No. 1


It is no secret that the Oxbow brand is strong and highly reputable. You want to tap into it so that you may enjoy the long-lasting benefits that the dust potentially brings along. How about you getting your hand on this dust to start out with?

Outstanding Features and Benefits

100% blue cloud dust

Overall, this is blue cloud dust that is also able to confer to your rabbit some aesthetic and décor benefits. As part of its awesome formulation, it lacks any additives and also works to enhance the grooming behaviors of the chinchilla in a natural way.

Simplified applications

Unlike many other items of its kind, this is truly simple and straightforward to apply. Its application does not entail the use of tunneling, explosives, or strip mining. Even a person who lacks the necessary expertise and experience will find it a lot easier to apply onto a surface.

Premium nutrition

When applied to the skin of the rabbit, the dust does confer some premium nutrition to the skin and the fur. It hence goes beyond the ordinary expectations to even help the fur of the rabbit to thrive wholly. This in turn boosts the mental wellbeing of the chinchilla as well.


  • Impacts the mental health of the rabbit too!
  • Ensures a sustainable way of cleansing the rabbit
  • Encourages the grooming of the rabbits
  • Relatively simpler to apply even by an inexperienced person
  • Manufactured by a truly reputable Oxbow brand


  • You have to part with lots of cash to acquire it

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#4: Petco Brand – You & Me Chinchilla Dust

Bestseller No. 1

If you care for your environment, you need dust that may be recycled and used for other purposes as well. We ask you to lay your hands on this. Its potent nature gives you the leeway to recycle it in such a way as to enable many other alternative uses and applications.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

All-natural dusting powder

All its ingredients are wholly derived from nature. It hence lacks artificial additives, chemicals, or other harsh agents of destruction that may naturally pose contaminations and burns. Expect it hence to be gentle on your hands but at the same time effective on the skin of the rabbit.


When all factors are put into consideration, the dust is truly ultra-protective. It works by getting rid of the extra oils and levels of moisture that may exist on the skin. On account of this, it gives off some exceptionally clean and healthier outcomes that last long.


As hinted earlier the formulation of the dust is recyclable in the sense of enabling you to break it down and use it for some other purposes. Specifically, it may serve as an additive for your home gardening needs. By choosing to work with it, you get to enjoy more value for money.


  • Contains high-quality ingredients
  • Can be recycled and used as a soil additive
  • Packed with loads of natural ingredients only
  • Unlikely to harm your hands or skin
  • Leaves behind some healthy and sparkly clean outcomes


  • Likely to trigger allergic reactions when inhaled by some people

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#5: Petpost | Chinchilla Bath Dust for Small Animals

Bestseller No. 1
Petpost | Chinchilla Bath Dust for Small Animals - Natural, Pure Cleansing Pumice Sand for Cleaning Small Pets, Degus, & Gerbil (1 lb.)
  • ♦ MOST EFFECTIVE BATHING DUST for cleaning & protecting the fur and skin of your chinchilla, gerbil, or degus. That means a happier little pet and a healthier coat!

Could it be that the levels of dirt and dust on your bunny are hardened and deep? If you answered back in the affirmative, we would wish to draw your attention to this specific dust. It comes in the form of pure cleansing pumice sand that eliminates the extra hard dirt with ease.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Pretty effective

On the whole, the dust is pretty effective in that it does get rid of the hardest dirt with absolute efficacy. One added advantage of the dust is that it works on the skin of many other pets besides the bunnies. Examples of these are hamsters, degus, and gerbils.

Pure natural pumice material

Its key ingredients are derived from pure natural pumice materials. They lack the additives, contaminants, and other chemicals that may be averse to the skin of the bunnies. That means it safeguards your hands and the skins of the animals as well. At the same time, it does a pretty great job.

Approved by leading vets

Crowning it all is the fact that the item is approved by the leading veterinarians. The approval vouches for its ability and relevance insofar as tackling the elimination of hard dirt. This also goes a long way in guaranteeing the safety and the peace of mind you need to work well.


  • Manages pure and natural cleansing outcomes
  • Useful for many other rodents as well
  • Packed with environmental-friendly core ingredients
  • Vouched for by leading vets and grooming companies
  • Contains pure superfine natural ingredients


  • Quite complicated to apply

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Buying Guide: Finding Healthy & Safe Chin Dust

To get the best chinchilla dust for the job, you need to factor in the following considerations:


This refers to the kinds of ingredients that make up the dust. To be on the safe side, we recommend that the ingredients be natural and pure. Pure and natural ingredients are safer on the hands and are also less likely to scar or char the fur off of the surfaces of the skin of the bunnies.

Degree of dirt

How deep or hard is the dirt that is found on the surface of the rodent? Different specs of dust are optimized for different degrees of dirt. You have to study and strike a balance between these two to accrue great outcomes. This may require expert advice and intervention.

Alternate uses

Apart from the chinchillas, could it be that you have other rodents in mind? If at all you do, you must see to it that the dust you settle on is able to meet these alternate needs as well. Particularly, take a step and study the formulation and the potency of the product before making a choice.


Potency is the strength of the ingredients that form the formulation of the products. The potency of these items varies significantly from one another. You have to make a choice strictly depending on the level of the dirt you want to get rid of.

Ease of application

It is not uncommon for these products to be too complicated to apply. You do not want this to happen to you at all. Instead, you want one that is smoother to apply. For this to happen, the formulation has to be similarly smoother while the container that holds it should also be highly responsive to the hands.


Most of the ingredients that form part of these products are known to be averse to the environment. As a shrewd pet owner, you have to choose items that are friendlier to your environment on the whole. Of necessity, the ingredients have to be eco-friendly and recyclable to prevent any adverse damages.

Summing Up

Your hunt for the best chinchilla dust should not be an uphill task now. Not with the detailed review and buying guide we have provided you above. To get the most of your investments, we ask you to consider issues like the outlet you source the dust from and the time of year you make a purchase. We now wish you all the best!

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