What Is A Chinchilla’s Pee Color: Orange?

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Urine from most small animals, including chinchillas, rabbits, and guinea pigs, is usually pale yellow or yellow. The color, on the other hand, might vary from yellow to orange or even red/brown. Urine may also be cloudy.

Chinchilla pee color

A lot of people freak out the first time they see the orangey color of a chin’s urine. But it’s their normal color. It get’s darker and lighter a bit sometimes, but clear (closer to human color) or a darker color are the only bad signs-so you have nothing to worry about!

Other factoids

Maybe it’s just the excretion of plant pigments. For example, orange/red urine is produced when porphyrins (pigments that are abundant in nature) are excreted in the urine. Yellow urine darkens to a red-brown after exposure to light. Consumption of certain plants, bark can exhibit more red pigment in the urine.

Normal urine may appear darker if chinchilla is dehydrated. The intensity of the color depends on the level of dehydration.

Excessive amount of iron or B vitamins passed in the urine can cause an orange, reddish – brown discoloration of the urine.

Some antibiotics may increase the levels of pigments in the urine.

Liver and blood diseases can result in increased levels of bilirubin and urobilinogen that change urine color.

Often blood in the urine is not visible to the naked eye and if you do not see any other symptoms, including loss of appetite, straining, frequent urination, weakness, your chin is probably fine. Urine should return to it’s normal color soon, if it does not, urine can be evaluated.

What is chinchilla pee color and what causes it?


Chinchilla pee color is caused by a variety of factors, including dehydration, certain medications, and liver or kidney disease. The intensity of the color depends on the underlying cause.

Often, blood in the urine is not visible to the naked eye and if you do not see any other symptoms, your chinchilla is probably fine. Urine should return to its normal color soon. If it does not, further evaluation by a veterinarian may be necessary.

When to worry about changes in urine color?

Chinchilla pee can range in color from clear to yellow, depending on the chinchilla’s diet and overall health. If your chinchilla’s pee is a different color than usual, it could be a sign of a health problem and you should take them to the vet for a checkup.

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