The 5 Best Chinchilla Exercise Wheels [Ranked]

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Chinchillas are small, furry animals that need to exercise.

They cannot jump long distances like other animals and they cannot use their teeth to get food. This is why they need to climb all day. Chinchillas should be given a cage with multiple levels and tunnels for them to play in.

A chinchilla needs exercise whether they live in a cage or out of one. A healthy chinchilla will be more active and have a higher appetite.

They need to maintain their muscle mass by getting exercise on a daily basis or they can become overweight. Chinchillas need at least two hours of time outside of the cage per day.

This can be achieved by giving them something to climb on, providing an outside enclosure, or simply allowing them to roam around freely inside your home for up to two hours each day.

Our favorite chinchilla exercise wheel

SaleBestseller No. 1
Kaytee Comfort Wheel Large 8.5 Inches
  • Specially designed for quiet spinning

How do you keep your pet chinchilla active without spending too much time caring for them?

Here are some ways you can help your pet chinchilla stay healthy with the limited amount of time you have: an exercise wheel!

This article will only deal with the best chinchilla exercise wheels out there- no other single product will be mentioned or reviewed here.

The 5 Best Chinchilla Exercise Wheels

1: The Trixie Chinchilla Rotations Climber

SaleBestseller No. 1
Kaytee Comfort Wheel Large 8.5 Inches
  • Specially designed for quiet spinning

Trixie’s rotations climber stands at a sturdy 32 inches tall and has a 19-inch diameter wheel intended for the rodent’s premier exercise. The climber comes with the standard features that the brand brags about on their website- the natural wooden parts are treated using non-toxic oils. The climbing log is sisal to resemble the wild chinchilla’s living area. The entire wheel rotates around its base.


  • Wide wheel diameter provides more room for running.
  • Climbing log is the perfect length for the chinchilla to climb.
  • Stand is very stable and holds the wheel firmly in place.


  • Some consumers report the wood gradually becoming slippery over time (however, the packaging does include a warning about this).
  • The product is made of cheaper material than some other brands, meaning it will wear out faster.

2: The Ware Manufacturing Home Sweet Home Pet Habitat/Exercise Center For Chinchillas & Ferrets

Bestseller No. 1

Ware’s Home Sweet Home was designed with the pet owner in mind- the stand doubles as an exercise center for ferrets or chinchillas, providing them with the perfect space to play and run around. The entire is collapsible so that it can be conveniently stored when the owner needs the additional space.


  • The stand doubles as an exercise center for the ferret or chinchilla.
  • Base/stand is relatively stable even on carpeted floors.


  • Many consumers report that the stand breaks easily (although some reviewers said it was the most stable of the wheels they had ever used).
  • The wheel has a smaller diameter than the Trixie’s.

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3: The Superpet Super Roller Circuit Exercise Cage Wheel

SaleBestseller No. 1
Catit Senses 2.0, Super Circuit, Interactive Cat Toy, for All Breed Sizes
  • Designed for cat play the Super Circuit is the ultimate combination of the Senses 2.0 Play and Wave Circuits, with special peek-a-boo track design that stimulates cats to chase the ball

Superpet’s circuit wheel stands at the standard 19 inches in diameter with an additional 5″ track that leads up to the upper level. This product sits on top of the cage bars, but the consumer must purchase an additional bracket to attach it properly.


  • The wheel itself is virtually silent when the small pet runs on it, but the track can be noisy if the owner does not purchase the additional bracket to secure the wheel properly.
  • Track provides the pet with another level to run around on if they are tired of running in circles on the main wheel.


  • Although the track is made of plastic like most similar products, this one still received complaints about being flimsy and causing noise when the pet ran on it.
  • The product needs consumer assembly, which usually results in the track being the only thing the pet can use if the owner does not secure the wheel properly.

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4: The Aesop’s Factory Deluxe Chinchilla Cage

SaleBestseller No. 1
MidWest Homes for Pets Deluxe Critter Nation Double Unit Small Animal Cage (Model 162)
  • Includes 2 pans, 2 adjustable shelves, 3 plastic ramps with covers & easily maneuverable stand with 4 locking wheel casters

The Aesop’s chinchilla cage specifically caters to the needs of the small animal with a deep base, bars spaced far apart, and an attached exercise wheel for them to run around on. The unit comes in three different sizes suitable for all types of chinchillas- including ones that are still growing into their adult size! This product also has two levels to ensure the pets always have space to play.


  • Comes in 3 different sizes suitable for all types of chinchillas.
  • Designed to be sturdy yet easy enough to clean and move if necessary. – 2 levels give the pet more space to play around inside the cage while the owner cleans the bottom section.


  • Many consumers say this item is best used for adults or older chinchillas because it does not have bars spaced far apart enough for babies/younger pets.

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5: The Ware Manufacturing Home Sweet Home Chinchilla Cage

Ware’s home sweet home chinchilla cage has the standard 19″ diameter with a length the same as the width of the wheel itself. The product is designed to be sturdy yet still offers plenty of space for the little pet to play.

It also comes equipped with two levels and a ladder that connects the two platforms. Ware’s chinchilla cage is one of the biggest products on our list today at 30 inches. One interesting feature of this product is its door- it opens vertically instead of the more common placement horizontally, which makes cleaning or getting the pet in/out much easier than other products.


  • One of the biggest on the market at 30″ length and width.
  • Unique door design makes cleaning the product much easier than others while also making it easier to place the pet in/out of the enclosure.


  • The price for this product is a bit steeper than most on our list today, but we think it’s worth the cost.

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Chinchillas are adorable, fluffy rodents that have the talent for entertaining the wildest of hearts. As loveable as they may look. However, the upkeep of these little guys can be a daunting task to those who do not know the requirements. The first requirement is giving them the proper wheel to run on- and this could be easily solved by purchasing one from the below list.

Chinchillas are small rodents that are known for their cute furry appearance and playful personalities. As with all animals, it is important to provide chinchillas with plenty of exercise to keep them healthy and happy. One way to do this is by providing a chinchilla exercise wheel.

There are a variety of different types of chinchilla exercise wheels available on the market. Some are made from plastic or metal, while others are made from materials like wood or cardboard. It is important to choose an exercise wheel that is safe and sturdy enough to support your chinchilla’s weight.

Chinchillas love to play and run, so an exercise wheel is a great way to give them some extra exercise. Be sure to watch your chinchilla while they are playing on the wheel, and make sure they are not getting too tired or overheated. A chinchilla exercise wheel can be a great addition to your pet’s home, providing them with plenty of healthy fun!

Buying Tips

When it comes to buying an exercise wheel for your chinchilla, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, make sure to choose a wheel that is sturdy and safe enough to support your chinchilla’s weight. Second, be sure to choose a wheel that is the right size for your pet. Some exercise wheels are large enough for multiple chinchillas to play on at once, while others are smaller and designed for one chinchilla only.

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